A Major Roadblock 

The increased amount of development and construction in the city in the recent years does promise Aurangabad to come up as an upcoming smart city but the abandoning of the construction work before its completion becomes nothing more than a roadblock for the people.
The Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has recently decided to undertake construction of roads in 18 different locations as per the proposed city's development plan. Due to the illegal constructions and refusal of the owners to hand over the land to the AMC, many construction plans have been abandoned over the past few years. 
Recently, the construction of widening the road from Jinsi to Sansthan Ganpati has been abandoned. the existing roads in Jinsi are less than 5 meters causing hindrance and traffic jams in surrounding locations. The proposed plan is to widen roads to 15 meters wide which will require acquiring of 350 properties. The refusal of 6-7 residents to avail the Transfer of Development (TDR) has led to the incomplete construction and demolished property on the road causing more problems to the local. Stacks of concrete piling alongside and unleveled ground during the rains is not only creating puddles but also a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The construction work was initiated at the early weeks of December 2016 and yet remains incomplete only to prove as a roadblock and trouble for the daily commuters. The Deputy municipal commissioner Ravindra Nikam urges to all the affected private property owners to hand over the affected land.


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