The poet and the book taking the world on fire and gaining the attention of everyone is a book by an unknown poet. ‘A faceless poet’ is what many other great authors and writers have named him. Atticus is a poet on instagram with a lot of his writings and posts and less of his personal information, or maybe least. Atticus won't reveal much about himself. He's from British Columbia, he's "in the kind of older 20s," and he bounces around a lot, he says, between Canada, Europe and L.A. – he lives in Venice Beach when he's there, as he was when we connected by phone.
Atticus’s Insta feed is sparse in design and is structured to focus the viewer on the few words and sentences he highlights in each box. However, as of late the online guru is going old school and entered the bricks-and-mortar world of books. A read through Atticus’s Instagram and it is clear why readers dig him. He indeed appears to be a man in touch with his feminine side.
Atticus has kept his identity under wraps, even as his poet persona has exploded, with 387,000 Instagram followers – including celebrities such as actor Emma Roberts and supermodel Karlie Kloss. His readers are devoted; some have tattooed his words onto their bodies.Recently he compiled all his best posts into a book ‘Love her wild’ and walks around with a mask not showing his identity. Atticus freely admits he has been able to tap more easily into his vulnerable side thanks to the mask. 

The occasion for conversation was the publication of his first book, Love Her Wild, which includes some of his Instagram poetry but also a great deal of new work and photographs, separated into three sections: Love, Her and Wild. He has celebrity followers and a good book deal. He says his online presence has led to offers and partnerships, and that world is becoming more successful than his other job. A job that, of course, he can’t talk about, what with the whole anonymous thing. All he’ll say is he owns his own business and no, he isn’t making knock-off Moleskine journals with his own quotes on the covers. Although he likes the idea when brought up.


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