“Irregular water supply has always been a problem but lack of uniformity in supplying water depending on areas is another problem” says Sameer Chaudhary , a resident of times colony. Aurangabad has always faced the problem of water supply but the growing irregularities in the supply are leaving residents angered. Water supply in some areas is provided with a gap of two days whereas supply of water in other areas is provided after a gap of 3 or four days even. When enquired on this issue, standing committee chairman Gajanan Barwal said that he has directed the officials to maintain uniformity in supplying drinking water to all areas.
The officials are now amidst trouble as according to them it’s not feasible. The demand for water is between 180 MLD and 190 MLD while the AMC lifts only 135 MLD of water. This means that there will be availability of 270 MLD water after every two days.

Questioning the issue of such irregular and discriminatory supply of water, Shiv Sena and BJP members demanded that water be supplied with a gap of 2 days. On the contrary, MIM corporators wanted with a agp of three days. Members Manisha Munde, Syed Mateen, Shaikh Azeem, Nargis Shaikh, Swati Nagare participated in the discussion with the standing committee. Airing their view aggressively, they objected the discriminatory supply. Executive engineer (water supply) S S Chahal said, “The equal distribution of water to all parts of the city is possible with a gap of three days only.” This resulted in a fiasco in the house. The chairman then held a special meeting on water supply in his office. Barwal then directed the civic officers to draft a plan to supply water with a gap of two days. The members questioned why it is not possible to supply water with a gap of two days. They claimed that the parallel pipeline contractor was supplying water on alternate days.
It seems the civic officers are reluctant to do proper planning and fulfill the demand of the citizens.



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