With the dynamics of the world changing continuously, the trend for sports and fitness has also evolved. People would often prefer outdoor sports for maintain fitness and even as a pastime but the current scenario with the development in technology has completely changed the situation. Nowadays instead of involving in cricket, tennis, squash or any other sport for a means to remain fit, people now prefer going to gym and doing cardio, zumba and many evolved forms of it.   
In Aurangabad, there has been an upsurge in gyms and fitness centers. The yellow door in Aurangabad provides recreational facilities for children as well as adults all under one roof. With activities of cardio, zumba, garba, power garba , masala garba         etc. for the ladies and football, athletics, and basketball for the children, the yellow door in collaboration with fitness zeal aims to provide healthy activities to spread fitness among the youth and adults of Aurangabad. “It has become more of a trend to go to a fitness class, do zumba, and have a personal trainer since we are getting more influenced by the west. Needless to say, we Indians love to follow our favorite Bollywood actors who live this lifestyle” says Anagha Lasare, administrator at the Yellow door. Working women, home makers, college students, children who have gotten quite a busy schedule with work and classes find less time to go outside and play, spend quality time jogging, walking etc and hence find it convenient to join zumba classes as it helps remain fit, lose weight and enjoy dancing. Preeti Bhanushali, the first zumba instructor in Aurangabad says “Zumba is much easier to carry out than gymming or cardio since it doesn’t involve the feeling of heavy workout and the rhythmic steps to the fast beat music leaves a person energized and active easing them to perform.
The Blaze institute of Dance, Shri Gajanan Yoga Center, fitness point, gold gym are few of the gyms and fitness centers in Aurangabad the trendy yoga/zumba/cardio facilities to the youths especially of Aurangabad.


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