The National Green Tribunal (NGT) had imposed a complete ban on burning of waste in open places and announced a fine of 25.000 rupees on the occurrence of bulk waste burning. Yet nothing remains changed in the city.
Aurangabad experiences a lot of burning garbage sights frequently and this especially increases in the winters. The burning of garbage causes increased toxic gases affecting the air as well as the soil if the city. Due to the recent Naregaon dumping clashes in the city, AMC has failed to locate new dumping area and thus increased the buildup of garbage in the city streets and bin. This overflowing garbage is burned causing intolerable smell in the atmosphere. “the smell of the leaves and even plastic bags and bottles burning along is so bad that breathing is tough and sometimes I have to change my route to avoid it” says Alok, a walking commuter of the N-7 road. The carbon monoxide-releasing from the garbage burning is harmful not only for patients with lung problems but also to the animals, birds, and plants.

Food stall owners near the Connaught area are forced to burn the collected garbage in their vicinity to avoid flies and mosquitoes from spoiling their food. Wet as well as dry waste can be seen in the heaps of unattended garbage around the city. Not only does the burning of garbage increase pollution and health problems but the ashes left behind cause another set of problems. Affecting asthma patients specially and spoiling the aesthetics of the city. It is necessary that the AMC take due action against this piling of dump in the city as well as strict enforcement of the ban imposed by the NGT.  


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