Quite aware with the progress of women and their presence in almost every walk of life, the presence of women in high court has a rather different story to tell. Although the number of women in the field of practicing law has increased, yet the number remains low comparatively to men. Women advocate face setbacks in career even before they start practicing as families are quite hesitant about a girls career in law deliberating about her capability to handle pressure and stress, work in a male dominated environment and future marriage prospects of the girl.
Deepali Biyani, an advocate in the High Court of Aurangabad talks about the problems and obstacles faced by a woman as a lawyer. She believes confidence is a key for a lawyer and usually women lack confidence as they judged about their knowledge and capability even before they begin their career. It is stereotyped belief that men are more capable of handling cases in the court than women and clients often ask for male lawyers. Another challenge is the fluency in language which leaves them feeling inferior.
In the High court of Aurangabad, Justice Vibha K. is the only lady judge whereas the number of women advocates is 250 plus in the high court and an approx of 500 in Aurangabad. Breaking stereotypes, many women lawyers are fighting several cases and creating many embarking wins. Recently, Rashmi Kulkarni, a senior lawyer at the high court won a ground breaking case where the petitioner had filed complaint against the CBSE for not providing special facilities to the disable, dyslexic student. The Siddhant vs state case had received immense upport and speculation from the public. Civic cases and cases of domestic violence are the highest number of cases in the court.
As women keep diversifying in their fields of profession, Aurangabad and the field of law is witnessing an increased the involvement of women in this field.


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